New Discovery Could Help Fight Against Herpes Virus

There has been a recent discovery of a new method that our immune system can use to fight of cold sores, namely, the virus that is causing them: The Herpes Simplex Type 1 Virus or HSV 1. According to the Nature Immunology journal, a group of scientists in Montreal, working together with American scientists have found a cellular process that hunts down the herpes virus and fights it.

This study which was sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Health REsearch together with the Washington University and Penn State found that a cellular mechanism exists that tracks down the virus and can fight it off or possibly kill it. It is well known that one of the reason that a cure for the herpes virus has proven elusive is because it can hide itself and protect itself from the body’s immune system. Scientists have found that the nuclear membrane of an infected cell could possible identify the HSV-1 virus which would then cause the immune system to attack it and destroy it.


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Herpes Treatments and Herpes Research

This discovery is now being studied to find out how this kind of cellular process could also be applied in other fields of research which are also looking for ways to cure other disease which can aid in developing drugs or treatments that can prevent or kill known bacteria and viruses that have been known to duck the immune system’s protection.

According to scientists, now that they have found a way that the virus can be identified and the immune system stimulated against it, there can be new developments in how the disease is treated which can mean a cure, or if not, a therapy that can fight off the virus and relegate it to a dormant state, thereby reducing signs of common herpes symptoms.

There are two strains of the herpes virus that can cause herpes. One is known as the Type 1 herpes simplex which is normally responsible for cold sores that you find on the face while the Type 2 kind is what primarily cause genital herpes. This kind of sexually transmitted disease is so prevalent that almost an estimated eighty million Americans are afflicted with the disease, which at the moment still has no lasting solution for herpes.

As of that writing, there was really not much information after the study came out. Right now we are trying to follow up to see if there have been any new developments regarding this possible cure for this infection. But with the current state of how medical research currently works, it might take some time before a good and lasting solution can be found for this disease. But remember to hang in there and check out our other articles about herpes!

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