Genital Herpes: It Should Not Stop You From Living a Normal Life

We got a nice email from Frances who was kind enough to share her story with us. Please read on and we hope that you can find some inspiration with what she has to say.

I have to base the title above (which was what I told the editors I wanted) this to my own painful but enlightening experience with genital herpes.

I can utterly testify to the fact on how I was able to still live my life the way it was before.

When my doctor first told me that I had just tested positive for a genital herpes infection, I freaked out.

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Not in a million years would I have ever imagined that I would ever get infected with a sexually transmitted disease. I mean, I really was not the kind of person that kind of a risk profile.

Heck, I even make sure that I am sufficiently protected even when I am having sex with my boyfriend (and yes this did weird him out a bit).

My battle against genital herpes took place when I was just 25 years old.

I was living a good life, happy and contented.

I’ll admit that I was a truly sexually active kind of girl. But it was only with my boyfriend whom I love and trusted much. I never really expected that I was about to get infected with a disease like that, which cannot be cured.

The First Sore and the Diagnosis

The sore started to appear around my genital area in which I never have any idea that it can be a possible manifestation of herpes virus infection.

I was thinking that it was just a simple allergic reaction from whatever food or maybe caused by my lingerie.

The sore started to become more itchy and painful that I can bear no more. Right there I decided to consult a physician.

And that’s the day when my world stumbled down. I cried my heart out and can’t truly believe that I am in that situation.

Thankful for Supportive Friends and Family

I started to ask myself, do I deserve this? What will happen to me now?

Good thing I have a loving and understanding family who have supported me all the way.

They never treated me as someone who has that genital herpes infection. They have been trying to let me feel that nothing had changed. In which I can still live a normal life and it’s not end of my happy life.

Even my very close friends are still with me and encourage me to go out and have fun.

The embarrassment that I felt then started to lessen.

I know that genital herpes are considered as one of the sexually transmitted diseases and I should be embarrassed about it.

However, it was never my fault. Thus, I should help myself and go on with my life. I have to move on, not with boyfriend this time. My parents forbid him even just to visit me. And yes, I broke up with him.

Life Is Still a Challenge

Truly, it is never that easy to handle the emotion of having the genital herpes.

It will be a challenge for anyone to deal the shame that it might bring.

However, you have to keep in mind that genital herpes should not be a reason in giving up your life. You still have all the chances of living a normal life.

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The humiliation that you might probably face today will only fade as the time passes.

What other people may say should not cause to break down.

Show the world that you are still able to get up and start all over again.

That’s the only way that you can prove yourself and live with genital herpes the positive way.

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