Glitch in How to Cure Herpes dot org.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We had some problems with the website earlier. No worries, rest assured that we’re still here to give you the latest on herpes cure research and updates and more information on the newest and most effective genital herpes treatments out there on the market. Somehow, a technical glitch caused our webpages to not show up when being called so when you tried to load our website, nothing came up. We tried to find out what the symptoms of the errors were to find out the root of the problems. Turns out, the theme was programmed wrong and we gave it a proper treatment. Now it should be okay. Hope you’re still there and hope everything is still okay. We’re ready to give you more updates as we go along. For now, have a great Thursday. The sun is still shining and so let’s all listen to some good music and make the best of our lives. HSV-1 will be defeated. Remember, the herpes simplex virus doesn’t have to rule your life.

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