Herpes and Alzheimer’s?

Herpes AlzheimersIt seems medical research are always coming up with novel ways to combat a variety of diseases.
In this case, it seems that the antiviral drugs that are more commonly used to treat people with the herpes simplex virus could also be used to slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

This is based on a study coming from the University of Manchester that showed that proteins that built up by cells that have been infected with the herpes virus can damage the brain cells of people that are suffering from Alzheimer’s. However, by using an antiviral medication known as Acyclovir, the accumulation of these proteins were reduced.

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In case you did not know, it has been previously found that the herpe simplex virus has been linked to the development of this disease. This is from a much earlier study that showed that the genetic material of HSV1 can be found in the brains of people that have Alzheimer’s.

However, according to another scientist, Wiliam Thies, this study needs to be “replicated and confirmed in other labs by independent teams of researchers.” But despite this doubt, there are more and more studies that are able to link Alzheimer’s and the herpes virus turning what has commonly been a “nuisance” disease into something that could probably bring on more serious complications.

Future studies plan on testing this observations on humans.

Read more about the article here: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/10/26/drugs-that-fight-herpes-may-thwart-alzheimers-disease/#ixzz1dApnIkqQ

And now for some commentary….

For the most part, we have always pretty much believed that having herpes was more of like living with a problem that can be dealt with but nothing to really worry about. Sure, outbreaks are very bad but look at people who have had the disease for a long time.

They seem to cope well with the disease and they are living pretty much the same lives that they have had since before they were infected.

However, with this new finding, it is starting to get pretty bleak and maybe this is a disease that researchers have to pay attention to. At the moment I can imagine that the lack of a cure is going to be quite frustrating. But given the amount of money being poured into research right now and the fact that the population that is currently living with a herpes infection is huge, I cannot see a reason why more funding is not directed at this.

The potential for making money is huge if you can find something that can treat this infection. People are desperate and want to get rid of this disease and with this recent finding that it can also lead to some degenerative disease that has proven to be quite horrible, maybe people should start paying more attention to finding a way to get rid of it.

Find a Cure, Stop Alzheimer’s!

Nobody wants to lose their minds as they age. And now people who have been infected with the herpes virus, if they are not currently bothered enough by the fact that they have a disease that can mess up their looks and their love life, they will certainly be bothered now by the fact that this “annoying” disease can develop into something more serious that will really cause them a lot of discomfort later in life.

So here’s to hoping that more can come out of the medical research arena besides the usual ways of treating herpes that are currently now prescribed by doctors everywhere.

Let’s try to find a solution before it’s too late. Let us stop treating the symptoms of the disease and let us work towards finding a cure. It is only a matter of time now. I can really feel it.

We are always looking for more things to talk about regarding herpes. If there is an interesting article that you have read recently or maybe some obscure study that tackles this disease, please feel free to share it with us or to let us know about it. I am sure that there are other people who are going to be just as interested in this topic as you were and we will certainly publish it here!

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