Herpes Treatment and Diagnosis

The herpes virus accounts for causing a herpes infection and this disease currently infects one fifth of adults in the united states today. Currently, there isn’t any herpes cure although we already have three FDA-approved medications to fight off an outbreak or reduce their frequency. These drugs would be the antivirals: acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. These medications may also be prescribed to lessen the severity of initial outbreaks.

Attack the Virus Early

By using these FDA-approved medications early, an outbreak can actually be prevented. Taken during the center of an outbreak, the antivirals can handle reducing the extreme discomfort of outbreaks and quickening the healing process. Sometimes, however, these fail to work in preventing an outbreak.

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If you take this kind of medicine that the doctor gave you and you see that it does not work, do not lose hope. Sometimes, the body is not able to cope very well against the virus. But it has been known to slowly become more resistant to the disease as time goes by so take comfort in the fact that sooner or later, the combination of a stronger immune system and these antiviral medication will help you fight off outbreaks to such extent that you might never have to suffer from them for a long time.

How is Herpes Diagnosed?

A herpes infection may be confirmed by two methods. The first is by using a viral culture with the lesion that appears during an outbreak. If this is not available, a blood test can also be conducted. Each method of detecting the illness are widely approved by doctors.

What can really cause some dismay here is the fact that this is a disease that still does not have a cure.

The Herpes Virus

The Herpes Virus

During a viral culture, your physician requires a swab and wipes it against a lesion so to gather virus cells. He places this in a special solution and sends the sample to a lab which will do the analyzing of the culture. This will settle if the virus was due to the HSV-1 or perhaps the HSV-2 virus and this assists the individual recognize how often they are able to expect an outbreak to occur.

Also, depending how strong a person who is infected with herpes is, they will experience a variety of some of the most common herpes symptoms.

An additional way to diagnose the presence of a herpes infection is thru a blood test. Sorts implemented to know whether there’s a herpes infection regardless if there won’t be any symptoms yet. This is actually a very good way to determine whether or not someone has the virus because it does not need an outbreak to occur for the disease to be diagnosed.

This technique of diagnosing the disease works because immediately after a person is infected with the herpes virus, the body will begin to produce antibodies to protect against the herpes simplex virus. This kind of test is also a very effective way to decide if the virus is a herpes simplex 1 or the herpes simplex 2 although this will not tell you if your infection is with the oral or genital kind. There is no way of knowing where the virus has settled until an outbreak occurs so it is best to be a little extra cautious once a positive diagnosis has occurred.

Although newer blood tests are getting to be inexpensive and extremely accurate, it’s not necessary to to be aware what sort of test will be given. There are already several FDA-approved blood tests plus the older ones are not very accurate. It is important to ask to help you determine what test is being fond of you.

Options for Treating Herpes

There are several ways to take care of one’s body when they have been diagnosed with a herpes infection. The obvious way is to get some medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.

The other path is to try one of the natural herpes treatments out there. While these have not been approved for use against the disease, there have been some claims in some isolated studies that some of the ingredients that have been incorporated into these products are effective in holding back the virus and the outbreaks that it causes.

But remember, before you try any other kind of treatment, make sure to consult your doctor first.

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