Herpes Treatment: How to Pick The One That Works For You

Herpes Treatment: How to Pick The One That Works For You

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A type of sexually transmitted disease that is growing in number every year is herpes. The reason behind this is because more people are still not comfortable talking to their doctors about these kinds of health problems. Some are embarrassed to let their doctors know that they are suffering from this kind of disease, because they think that they can cure themselves by taking certain medication. The truth is it is always better to consult your doctor first before actually taking anything. This is mainly because some medications are not compatible with other people which can cause other health problems. That is why the best thing that you can do is to let the doctors tell you the right medication that is right for your condition and for your body. In this way, you will be assured that the herpes virus will be gone in no time. You will also save yourself from other health problems that taking certain medication can cause.  Here, we list the different ways of treating herpes.

Antiviral Drugs: The Herpes Medication of Choice

Usually doctors recommend their patients to take medicine that are more commonly known as antiviral drugs. The reason behind this is because these types of drugs have strong contents that can help the virus to be cured immediately. Antiviral medications are can be orally taken every day, but the dosage will depend on the prescription of your doctor. Typically people are advised to take one to two antiviral medications every single day. The doctor’s prescription will usually depend on how severe your condition is. Remember to avoid using this kind of herpes medication especially if you haven’t gone to your doctor to avoid having problems in the future.

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Topical Creams, A Herpes Treatment That Attacks The Problem Directly

Topical creams are also one of the effective treatments for herpes especially if you are only experiencing a mild condition of herpes virus. Usually all you have to do is to apply a small amount of cream on the area where the virus and the blisters are present. You can do this twice every day, once in the morning and the other one before going to bed. But before applying the area, you need to make sure that it is clean to avoid having problems. If you’re unsure of what type of cream to use, consulting your doctor would be ideal. The reason behind this is because there are some people who have sensitive skins and applying creams without asking their doctor might cause additional problems for them.

herpes hydrationHydrating the Body

It is also ideal to keep the body hydrated at all times, because this also helps in curing the herpes virus. Another reason why people should hydrate themselves is because when their body is properly hydrated the balance of the electrolyte will be restored in its normal state which will help cure the virus. The cold sores from having herpes will also be cured by keeping the body hydrated at all times. So if you drink eight full glasses per day, you might want to make those twelve full glasses per day to ensure that you are well hydrated.

Prevention is the Key to Stopping Herpes Outbreaks

These are some of the different types of treatments for herpes that people should be aware of. Remember that prevention is always the key to avoid the herpes from reoccurring. Avoiding people who are infected with the virus is ideal to avoid infecting yourself. Always put in mind that herpes is a contagious disease that can easily be passed from one person to the other. Sexual intercourse and direct touching can both cause the virus to be spread from person to another person. So always remember that taking extra precaution is the key to avoid being infected with herpes virus.


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