Herpes Vaccine: Is This The Ultimate Solution to This Incurable Disease?

Herpes VaccineOne of the most common diseases that can be transmitted sexually is herpes. In fact there are now more than twenty percent of infected people in this country and this is according to the parenthood planned. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for herpes and this can be devastating for a lot of people but it can be prevented with the help of the vaccination. At present, there are herpes vaccinations that can help prevent the spreading of the disease, but none for people who already have the said disease. These vaccinations won’t be ideal since these are not for treatment. However, they can still have the vaccination shots after the symptoms of herpes are gone to prevent the disease from reoccurring again.

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Two Kinds of Herpes Infections

For people who don’t know, there are two kinds of herpes: the genital and the oral. People can have this virus even without experiencing any symptoms at all. But for people who have a low immune system, some symptoms may occur at the time the herpes gets into the body of the person. One of the most common symptoms is the appearance of blisters to the mouth for oral herpes and blisters on the genitals for genital herpes. People who are suffering from genital herpes are experiencing many symptoms than those people who are experiencing this oral virus. Usually, people who have genital herpes are also experiencing blisters on their anus, thighs and other parts of the body where the genital is near. These blisters can be painful and itchy which can cause discomfort to the person who is infected that is why preventing this from happening to you would definitely be ideal.

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GHI Vaccine Stops People for Spreading the Virus

GHI is one of the known brand of vaccines from Europe and has been in the medical industry since 1980. This vaccination is used to avoid spreading the virus to other people through direct contact. Back then, people who need this kind of vaccination will travel to Bulgaria or Italy for them to be able to have the shot. Fortunately, the U.S. is already in the process of creating a vaccine to prevent the virus from spreading and from reoccurring. They are doing their best to develop a vaccine that will help people to cure their problem, and to prevent the disease from recurring every now and then. The virus vaccination will be available after a few years from now, since it is still under experimentation.

Vaccination May Become The Solution to Kill Herpes

Vaccination can be one of the biggest breakthroughs for the people who are in the field of medicine mainly because they have been figuring out on creating an effective vaccine for people all over the world. Some may say that having a vaccination shot is no longer needed, since the virus can disappear on its own. But the truth is, it may disappear for now but it will surely reoccur once the virus is triggered again. Another negative thing that can happen is the spreading of the virus. This is most especially typical for people who are not experiencing any symptoms at all.

Ounce of Prevention > Point of Cure:  Caution and Fidelity Is Great At Condoms Protects Against HerpesPreventing Herpes

Vaccination may be an ultimate solution but one of the best effective solutions is by taking care of yourself. Having sexual intercourse can be tricky especially if you don’t really know its sexual history. This can lead to other sexually transmitted diseases that are worse than herpes. This is the reason why wearing protection when having intercourse is definitely ideal for everyone. An ultimate solution is by being faithful to your current partner for you to avoid having this kind of disease in the future. Remember that having safe sex is the ultimate solution for you to be able to prevent this problem from happening to you.

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