Herpes Virus Mutated to Attack Tumors

Want to hear something strange? How about a use for the herpes virus? Yes, scientists seem to have found one.

According to some researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, they have been able to re-egineer a herpes virus which can attack tumors and make themselves known by making them put out identifying signals known as biomarkers.

They said that they were able to change a herpes virus, which they have named rQ-M38G and made it so that it avoided healthy tissue and goes straight to attacking and infecting cancer cells. They also engineered it in a way that it caused the cancer cells to secrete a protein that makes it easier to detect the presence of cancer in the body.

So far, they have only been doing these tests on mice but it is quite promising because it gives doctors a better chance of detecting a tumor in the very early stages which will make it easier for them to try and kill it and improve cure rates.

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