Honey, I Have Herpes

Herpes is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that you may say is not quite as Happy Marriage Herpesdangerous as other infections that can be transmitted via sexual contact like AIDS. However, it is still a disease that people would prefer to not have at all. However, people still keep getting infected with it even when they least expect it. Here is  a story from Marissa about how she got infected with the disease despite not having a very active sex life.

You may say that I am one of those people that have the unfortunate fate of having to suffer having an infection of the herpes virus for the rest of my life. But if you looked at how I lived and where I came from, you would never ever expect a person like me to ever get this kind of a disease.

I am married and between me and my husband, we have one kid. But this kind of a setup did not spare me from being infected with this virus.

I Never Thought I Could Get Herpes

My symptoms started a few days after me and my husband had sexual intercourse. It was just one of the run-of-the-mill things that we did once in a while. Our careers really did not give us much time to be intimate with each other although we did make sure that we got together once in a while. It was something that was so normal that I did not think much of it afterwards.

But when I started to feel some strange things on my skin, I never in a million years thought that it can be a problem like herpes.

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It only started with a single sore near my genitals. It was just like any other common sore and I really did not pay much attention to it.

An Example of a Herpes Sore

Example of a Herpes Sore

However, after almost a week, I got another one, almost as big as the first. Right then I started feeling the pain and that was then that I realized that it was starting to get serious. The feeling of both itchiness and pain that I have to bear at that moment is what’s killing me (figuratively!).

At first, I did not want to tell my husband about the things that I was feeling just yet because I was still not sure what it was. Instead, I decided to go to a doctor to have him check what was going on with me.

It turns out that the sores that I had was caused by herpes. And this pretty much set me off because I was very sure that I was not the one who had acquired the infection from someone else.

The Confrontation and Denial

That night, I confronted my husband. I told him the famous line, “Honey I got herpes.”

John was so shocked when I told him I had genital herpes. He really could not hide his reaction and I saw the surprise on his face. I was crying that time and was asking him about him having an affair with another woman.

He denied it, of course. But I told him, that there will be no other way of me getting it but from him. That is because I know that he’s the only man that I have been sleeping my entire life. And it was a week after we have sex that the symptoms appeared.

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I was scared when I found out that genital herpes doesn’t have a cure. I was thinking that I Fightinghave to suffer a sexual illness without me having the fault. I know my husband loves me. But I never thought that he could do something unfaithful that will cause me the infection. Since he would not admit his doings, I never insisted to make him confess. I am more focused on taking the right medication to alleviate the pain that I am feeling.

I Learned to Forgive and Move On To Keep My Family Together

Two weeks after, I am feeling much better. I didn’t talk to my husband not until he begged for forgiveness and admitted his fault. Since I love him and I want my family in tack, I accepted him. He made a promise that he will never do it again. After a year of me saying to him that I have genital herpes, we are now happily living together with our three kids. It’s a new life for me and my family.

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