How Do I Deal With Genital Herpes?

If you happen to be searching for some online sites that deal with the topic of genital herpes, you will almost Coping With Herpesprobably find that one of the most frequently asked questions is this:

“How Do I Deal with Having Genital Herpes?”

So yes, it is pretty obvious that plenty people really have no clue as to what to do or react when they find that they have been diagnosed with a genital herpes infection.

Learning to Deal With Herpes Is Not That Easy

Getting to know how to handle the effects and the burden brought about by a genital herpes infection is obviously not going to be that easy. If you have been unfortunate enough to be infected with the virus, you will need to go through a long and slow process of acceptance. You will also need to develop a conviction that you have to help really yourself to get well, at least as healthy as you can possibly be.

Herpes can still be considered as one of the more embarrassing and discomforting diseases to have. People are Coping With Herpesalso quite wary about it, given the fact that this is a very contagious kind of infection for which there is no cure.

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Living with genital herpes can be a very miserable experience if you really don’t know about how to deal it well. You might even end up suffering from depression and you may also develop other serious health complications or even other psychological problems.

Many psychological experts suggest that in many cases, the psychological effects of genital herpes are far more severe than the actual physical effects manifested in the patient’s body. This was something that I learned on on a personal level.

I Got Herpes From My Husband

Take my case for example.

I was infected with the herpes simplex virus because of my husband. I was pretty sure that he was the only man I have ever slept with in my entire life. So despite the fact that he was denying ever cheating on me, I was pretty much sure that he was the reason that I was infected with this incurable disease.

We had two beautiful little kids at the time I was diagnosed with this STD and this made it very difficult for me to decide between leaving my husband or trying to keep my family together.

In the end, however, I think I made the correct decision to leave him because I really needed to have my own peace of mind.

Your Perspective on Life Determines How Well You Cope

In many instances, it will only be about how you decide after knowing that you have the virus in your body. How you handle things should really be based on what would make you feel better. It can be one of the biggest decisions that you have to make in your life, changing everything around. But if it’s what can make you get an utmost peace of mind, it is worth the try.

Try to Be Positive

In the end,  you just have to make sure that you focus on the positive things in your life.

Try to be very optimistic about everything because this disease is not leaving your body anytime soon so moping about it will not help you much and might only make things worse for you.

Try to ignore the negative feeling and vibes that might come into your life.

Remember that herpes is not as notorious or deadly as cancer so you still have your entire life ahead of you.  Coping With HerpesPeople have learned to live with this disease before and you should be no different.

This disease is only really bad during the first few outbreaks and the symptoms may become very painful. But don’t worry. This disease will not kill you and over time, your body will slowly make your symptoms far less severe. You may not even have outbreaks for a while once your immune system gets used to fighting the virus.

Be positive!

That’s what I heard from the people that surround me the time when I was on the bridge of enduring the pain and discomfort that the herpes virus infection is giving me. I was able to handle it with all hope that after such, I will be living a good life with my kids again. Something that herpes patients should get the hope from.

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This article (of course with some edits) was sent in by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous so we will just give her the very normal name Jane. We really appreciate the effort to put this together for other people to read and we wish her well in all her other endeavors in life.

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