How My Herpes Infection Changed My Life

Hi folks, this is a story from Jill, who was really kind enough to share with us her story. Getting herpes can really change someone’s life because of all the lifestyle changes that have to be made to protect their body from those unwanted outbreaks.

I’m thinking that this is worth sharing especially to those who are suffering from an awful genital herpes infection. Many people who aren’t familiar enough with herpes often find themselves falling into a pit of embarrassment which is something that they will regret for lifetime. As they said, “ignorance spares no one”. Thus, not knowing anything about herpes might cause you a lot of problems.

If you are sexually active, I sincerely think that you need to continue reading on and see how a single mistake will change your life.

In my case, I’ll admit that the herpes infection started an entirely new phase in my life. It was an utterly frustrating and embarrassing experience to cope with.

When I was finally diagnosed by my doctor, all I knew about having a genital herpes infection was one of the darkest moments of my life. It seemed like everything turned darker. I never thought that I will be on the stage in which I will have to suffer much, bearing both the physical and emotional pain of having the infection.

I was Living A Happy Life

I was married for almost two years, living a happy and a simple life with my kid and husband. I never thought that one day I would be exposed to something that would change my life in so many ways. It started with two tiny sores on my genital area that I really didn’t pay attention to.

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After a few days, I was starting to feel that the itchiness and the sore became more painful that I was starting to really feel uncomfortable. It did not really occur to me that this was herpes. I thought that it is just a simple irritation or maybe some kind of allergy to something I ate.

It was only because that I have always been faithful to my husband and I have never slept with anyone else in my entire life except this person.

My Husband Did It

At first, my husband won’t admit any mistake. But it was lately that my herpes get worse that he told me that it was never his intention to cheat and ask for forgiveness. But forgiveness will not change the way herpes have made my life miserable. I can’t even stay close enough to anyone, even my kid after knowing my situation. I started to become aloof to other people, even my own family.

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I Decided to Help Myself

However, I know I still have to go on for my kid. So I decided to find help. I went to my friend doctor to get the best advice on how I can get over the effects of genital herpes infection. I had to use several antiviral products and drugs to minimize the itchiness and the pain of sores I have. After a week of using it, I found my relief. The sores started to heal a bit and the pain I felt gets little.

I Decided to Leave My Husband

Right now, I’m starting to get better. Although, I know that I am not totally cured. But still I know I can stop the outbreak by starting a clean and healthy life again. I know it will never be the same again, but I have to go on for my family. But of course, not with my cheater husband this time. I have to live a normal life with my kid and all the people around me that are willing to help me all the way.

Thanks a lot Jill for your touching letter. Please read our other stories on people with herpes on our blog.

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