How to Prevent Herpes: Simple Tips to Keep the Virus Away

So you have heard about herpes from the news and you have probably heard that this is one of the most popular kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. So popular, in fact, that some of your favorite celebrities or sports personalities are probably infected with it.

This is scary and you know that this scares you. So now, you want to find out how you can avoid ever getting something like this infection which cannot be cured by any kind of medicine your doctor can give you right now. So how do you stop yourself from ever getting infected with this disease?

Well, preventing herpes is pretty easy if you really know what is involved and what the risks are. There are just a handful of precautions that you can take that can greatly minimize the chances of you ever getting the virus at all in your lifetime.

Limit Your Number of Sexual Partners and Get To Know Them Well

Sometimes, it is all about statistics. The risk of getting herpes can grow immensely depending on the number of people that you are sleeping with. At the moment, if the current data is correct, one out of five American adults will have a herpes infection. That means, one in every five people you sleep with could be someone with herpes. And the more people you sleep with, the more chances you have of getting infected with the virus.

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As a sexually transmitted disease, this infection can be prevented by simply keeping a leash on your sexual activities. It really does pay to be in a monogamous relationship. And make sure that you get to know whoever you are sleeping with quite well so that you will be able to know if your partner is putting you and his/herself at risk of getting infected as well.

Make Sure You Use a Condom

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to keep yourself away from a huge variety of sexually transmitted diseases is by putting on a rubber. It might be a little inconvenient to always have to buy them or have them lying around, maybe you lose some sensation when you put them on, but think about the peace of mind you will have and the amount of sleep you get at night knowing that you have greatly reduced the chances of ever getting infected by these diseases.Use a Condom to Prevent Herpes

Condoms are particularly effective at reducing the risk of getting bacterial diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea. As for herpes, if your partner happens to have it down there, you reduce the risk of getting infected because there is no skin to skin contact involved. The virus only moves to a new host when it comes into contact with skin. If your skin never touches an infected person’s skin, you are pretty safe.

Wash Your Hands

This sounds a little silly because it is really one of the simplest things you can do to prevent infections of any sort.

Washing your hands with a good bacterial soap can kill plenty of germs that cause a variety of diseases. However, for herpes infections, maybe this is not the best kind of advice. But of course, it is always a good thing to throw this piece of advice out there just to make sure that you DO actually clean your hands.

And in doing so, you will keep away a lot of infections that will cause you a lot of pain and suffering later on.

Well this was really just a quickly written article from the past that was meant to highlight how easy it was to prevent herpes from spreading to your body. Basically, just stay away from too much sex with people you do not know well and just put on a condom. These two things alone will greatly improve the chances that you do not get the disease. Please check out our website further for other pieces of information regarding this disease!

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