Is It Possible to Be Happy Despite Having Herpes?

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Being happy with genital herpes?

This is what I heard every time that I would be telling people about my experience with herpes.

Just how is it possible that someone suffering from such a disgusting infection still can say that he or she is happy because of what happened to them?

Just a couple of years ago, I found myself in my doctor’s clinic and he was telling me that I was diagnosed with having been infected with the HSV 2 virus. At the time, I was already fully aware that this infection is incurable. Yep, nothing will kill it. Once it’s there, it’s there.

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And it was at that exact moment of my life that I suddenly felt that I was pushed down that I found myself having a hard time breathing. It was the only time in my life that I have ever felt this way.

I had mixed emotions inside me. Part of me started to blame myself for everything that happened. I don’t call myself a one deceitful woman, but I think I was.

Yes, I cheated my boyfriend one night and look where it got me.

The price of my infidelity gave me a herpes.

No Reason to Live

When I told my boyfriend about it, he was completely livid. Luckily for him, he was not infected by herpes.

But this did not stop him from breaking up with me.

And at that time, I felt that I was such a disgusting person. I have to keep myself from being in contact with anyone with the fear of having them infected. No sex, no fun.

All I can think about is that, I have no reason to live. I know people around me would think how dirty and deceitful I am.

Time to Make a Change

Not until one day, during my cave in days I read a book in which had helped me to take the road to recovery. I realized that life is too short to stop living just because of the herpes infection that I am bearing.

Right then and there, I decided that it was time to start going out.

I went on several dates and thanks to this herpes dating service, I was able to find people who did not have a problem with my disease.

The best thing however is that I was just being honest in telling them about my past. I know it is quite embarrassing, but I should really work on starting to be true to what I do.

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I even started to attend come out from the shell that I had locked myself in and started living a healthy lifestyle.

I even made myself busy by volunteering once every week in a social work organization, helping little children to learn.

I made myself active in some community service. It is where I have found my true contentment and happiness.

Since I was able to make myself busy, I almost forgot that I even got such virus in my nervous system, creeping and waiting to attack me again.

Happiness Despite The Presence of HerpesCreative Commons License

I can surely say that when the time that I have to suffer herpes is also the time that something new will come into my life. I currently have a boyfriend who loves me in spite of the past that I have.

I felt that this time, I should be good.

I started to believe that I still had a bright future and a happy life is waiting ahead of me.

Thus, I am often proud to say that I am happy despite having genital herpes. In fact, knowing that I have this kind of a problem makes me try even harder to be a better person to make up for it.

Living a happy life despite of having the infection is what every herpes patient should think about if they want to get up and begin a new life.

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