Jessica Alba has Herpes?

We’ve been seeing a trend lately that there’s a rumor going around that one of our favorite celebrities, Jessica Alba has herpes.

Is this true? We went looking out to the web and found that she allegedly got it after dating the new York Yankees star, Derek Jeter. And this is all over the news. A source who worked as Jessica’s assistant at the time claims they had to replenish her Valtrex prescription – a treatment for genital herpes – on a regular basis, according to website L.A. Rag Mag.

True or not, herpes is a serious thing and if a celebrity who has the ability to attract a lot of relationships has it, he or she has to be extra careful when it comes to their encounters because you shouldn’t be really spreading the disease. Herpes is a disease that can be transmitted even when there are no visible symptoms and there is definitely no herpes cure.

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