Life and Herpes Dating

It’s a cold day today. It just rained.
Nope. there are no cold sores today. No fever blisters either.
Sadly, there is still no cure. Yes, we try to scan all the medical journals everyday and we are still looking at all that google search results, hoping that one paper out there will give us good news that some medicine, even if not thoroughly tested will say that they have managed to kill the herpes virus once and for all. It would be a good day and fever blisters will be gone. We will have a cure and people will be lining up to get treatments. Herpes simplex is not the easiest virus to deal with. It manages to evade our immune system a lot and just hangs in there waiting for a chance to strike when our body is weak. When our immune system gives way then bam, it hits us with an outbreak. Outbreaks are bad and really weakens us more. Sometimes it can be painful but as the body adapts, outbreaks happen less. This is good for us. Lesser outbreaks mean that we can try to live more normal lives and go see other people, see what’s happening in the dating scene. It would be great to be dating again, right? See other people, find the significant other. Herpes and dating normally don’t match but there are more and more services there that are offering std dating but I don’t know if they actually work or are they more of a money gathering scam. What do you think? Send us suggestions? It would be an interesting story to tell if we found out what was happening in the world of dating. Personally I haven’t been dating much and it would be great just to know what it was like again. I’ve been busy with work. Still no cure for herpes folks.

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