Risa’s Advice for Herpes Patients

It was a very slow day at the office the other day so we were very thankful when Risa’s email arrived in our inbox which we are posting here today. She shares her story of how she got herpes and how she coped with this infection. We hope that other people reading will be able to take some inspiration from this.

The day when all your smiles were gone is when you were told that you have genital herpes. You ask yourself, do you deserve that? Or do you have any chance to get well from such an infection? For those who are hurting and suffering from herpes, no need to despair. I myself have a story to tell about such an infection. That will certainly change the way you think about having the herpes.

When I was diagnosed to have infected by herpes HSV-2 virus, I was so shocked and depressed. Not in my million thoughts that I will be suffering such a dilemma in my life. I was young, enthusiastic and am up for anything. But that day was different. I felt that my world collapsed.

My Boyfriend Gave Me Herpes

I am single and have a steady boyfriend for a couple of years. But it was a single night of madness that had turned my world upside down. I met a guy in a club one night and something happened between us. That was that only time that I cheated with him. After a few days, I had this tingly feeling in my vaginal area and it was so itchy. I have never thought of the possibility of having herpes because I am not really familiar with such infection. It had come to a point that I can’t take the itchiness and some blisters appeared anymore. I decided to visit the doctor and to my despair I cried when I knew that I have herpes. How can be a single night of mistake had changed my life. It was even the reason why my boyfriend loses his interest on me.

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I Got Plenty of Support from My Friend and FamilyMy Boyfriend Gave Me Herpes

Good thing that I still have my family and close friends that in spite of everything have supported me all the way. My doctor was good enough in giving me the right advices and medications. I took some antiviral drugs and some skin treatments to lessen the effect of itching and tingling. After a week of proper medication and the support, I felt some relief. However, my doctor said that the kind of virus that I have acquired is not that simple. I might have felt relief but the virus inside my body will not be removed all the way. And it can be triggered if my immune system will get weak.

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I felt that having genital herpes is just a great embarrassment to my families and friends. Although I may not have the face to see people, I can’t do anything but accept what happened. Currently, I’m starting to live a clean and better life again.

Learn to Deal with HerpesSupport From Friends

Therefore, for those who are diagnosed to have herpes, you just have to know how to handle it right. You also have to ask the right people and be honest to yourself. You need to know about how to accept the truth. You will never be healed completely if you don’t have the courage and the determination to change your life and avoid making a wrong move that will change your life forever.


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