So You Have Herpes, Is It The End of Your Sex Life?

I have been hearing a lot of stories about people being bothered about genital herpes with just main reason. Abstinence! Many people think that their sex life will be ruined simply because they have genital herpes. However, you don’t have to suffer from abstinence if you certainly have the way the way to still steam up your sex life with your partner in a safe way.

Herpes Does Not Have to Shut Down Your Sex LifeHerpes and Sex

Obviously, you still can have a fulfilling sex life even if you have been diagnosed with genital herpes. It will just be a little more complicated and risky to pursue it, but you both can try it for as long as your partner is willing to understand all the risks that are involved.

Remember this!

Make sure to make your partner know about the fact that you have the herpes virus before you attempt to even try having sex with him or her. If your partner is willing to take that risk despite the fact that you have the disease, then your problem is solved.

It will be great if you both are aware of the risks that are involved in having intercourse even if one of you has the disease so that you can both find ways to minimize the transfer of virus. Although condoms are highly suggested, it can never give you one hundred percent protection. But somehow it still offers a certain level of protection. Experts even suggest that oral sex can also be safer, for as long as you don’t have any sores on your mouth.

Be Creative

Getting infected with this disease should never be a reason of ending the pleasure of sex for you and your partner. Since herpes virus can only be transferred through direct contact, you can always find other ways to have sex with your partner without having to make contact with your genitals or areas with sores. I suggest that you be a lot more imaginative.

You definitely know what I mean. There are many ways of enjoying the pleasure of sex without having too much contact. As they say, there are many ways to have fun with each other.

What Should You Do In Case of Accidental Contact?

If in case you have made certain contact, make sure to wash with some disinfectant or antiviral soap. That will certainly kill viruses that will most likely infect your partner. If possible, follow some of the preventive and safe sex practices recommended by professionals for genital herpes patients. You just need to ask the expert’s advice in order to do everything in the right and safest way.

Remember that being in an intimate and true-love-founded relationship with your partner; genital herpes should never hinder your time to enjoy the pleasure of sex. I have known many couples who are still sticking together despite of the virus infection that one has acquired. It should also never be a reason for abstinence. Genital herpes can possibly a minor hindrance for couples and sexual partners. But it can never be considered a reason to stop having sex.

Just make sure to get medication and take antiviral drugs. Then be honest with your partner about it. And keep in mind that genital herpes is not the end of your sex life. There’s still a good way to go. Just get yourself treated and have fun with your partner safely and cautious.

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