Stop Blaming Yourself for Getting Herpes: Janet’s Advice

Got genital herpes? Who are you going to blame for this?Depressed

As soon as you hear from the doctor the words, “you got genital herpes”, you really have to think about how you’ve acquired it and who the culprit is.

It is but normal that we find a way to escape from the reality and find someone to blame. Or worse, you blame yourself too much of which is giving you too much burden of guilt to handle.

However, blaming yourself will definitely not help you in getting well. Although it’s still your own actions that have caused you to acquire such an infection, it is still not do you any good if you blame yourself. My own experience of being diagnosed to suffer herpes have made me realized one thing, that I don’t have to focus more on how the viruses have gone into my body. But be more concerned about how to get up and start anew. You really do not have to always be sad and depressed just because you have this virus inside of you. Outbreaks still end.

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I Got Herpes After a Slip Up

In my case, I have acquired the genital herpes virus when I made a huge mistake of digging into a one night stand. It only took a night of slip-up for me to realize that I wasn’t doing well with my life. If I were to blame that guy that I have slept with, it will certainly not going to help me in anyway. Although I have hated him that much, I can’t really turn back the time. Blaming him will not make that to happen. Then why bother?

In the first few days of me suffering the genital herpes outbreak where in I have to bear the pain of sores I have, I started to blame myself. I was once a happy-go-lucky girl who would want to try the spice of life. But my actions have caused me much. I was close to depression when I found a better solution to my current situation. My best friend who has known about my situation suggested a good doctor that I can seek the help from.

After a few days of bearing the burden to myself, I visited the doctor. I was given some sort of medications to alleviate the pain and the itchiness that I am feeling. That time I’ve known that genital herpes infection is non-curable. I was so frustrated to know about it. But still, what can I do now? Certainly is just to accept it and help myself to get well.

You Have to Learn To Accept ThisGetting Over It

Obviously, in the end, you still don’t have to blame yourself for having the genital herpes infection. Remember that blaming yourself will not do you any help. Instead, you just have to think about how you can begin a new life. This time, it should be the kind of life that will certainly keep the herpes virus outbreak. Living a healthier and cleaner life is what you need to work on. With genital herpes, blame yourself no more. Visit a good doctor, take the right medications and live a life that will more likely far from what you used to be. That’s the big lesson that I have learned.


Janet was diagnosed with herpes simplex 1 six years ago. After going a period of denial, and then self-medication, and then shame, she has learned to stand up and live with the disease that has infected her body. She encourages anyone who has been diagnosed with herpes to do the same.

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