Tips on How to Eliminate Outbreaks Caused By Herpes

Doctor's StethoscopeAs you all know, there is still no cure for herpes virus and only prescribed medications are available to eliminate the outbreaks that it can cause. Today, there are different oral medications that are known to be anti-viral. These medications are helpful in eliminating the symptoms of herpes virus and it can also help in protecting certain people who don’t have the virus yet.

Home remedies are also available for you to be able to treat the symptoms of herpes virus that can cause discomfort to you. These remedies may not totally eliminate the virus itself but it will surely eliminate those symptoms and effects that you will experience upon the development of the virus.

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Your Doctor’s Advice Is Very Important

But before you go off buying just any kind of recommended medicine that you find after checking out some websites, you have to remember that visiting your doctor is the first thing that you need to do before you try to treat those symptoms of herpes! Always put in mind that your doctor is the only one who can prescribe medications that you can take for the virus. The reason behind this is because your doctor knows what medications you’re allergic to and which ones are effective for your body. Some of the medicine brands that your doctor might prescribe to you may be expensive but there are generic ones that are more affordable. You can ask your doctor for more affordable medicine that will help suit your budget. Hopefully, you will also have some health care insurance that will take care of your treatments. This will really save you a lot of money in the long run.

Antiviral Medication is Works Very Well Against Herpes

It is also advisable for people to take antiviral medication upon experiencing the first few symptoms of herpes. This will help you to avoid the virus from spreading and from worsening. According to medical practitioners, it is ideal for people who have herpes and who are sexually active to take antiviral medication because this will avoid the herpes from redeveloping every now and then. Make sure to consult your doctor first if taking this kind of medicine would be best for you or not because there are some people who are sensitive with some medications. Now, if your doctor lets you take the medication, then you need to take it every single day as directed in your prescription.

Fashion Tip: Wear Loose Clothing When You Have An Outbreak

You should get used in wearing clothing that is comfortable and loose. If you have blisters in your genital area, you may prefer wearing underwear that is made out of cotton because it will make you feel comfortable despite the blisters that you have. You also need to make sure that your jeans and under garments are loose because if you are fond of wearing tight clothings the blisters might get worse. The reason behind this is because the blisters will become irritated because of the uncomforting feeling that you have down there. Always make it a point to choose something comfortable and loose.

Comfort Level Tip: Good Bath Can Do Wonders

Bath Tub Versus Herpes Symptoms

Soaking your body in the tub would also be ideal because it can help clean the area around the genitals. You may also use cornstarch over the herpes blisters that you have in your genital areas. You may do this twice a day to help relieve the symptoms of herpes virus that you are experiencing. After soaking in a tub, you may use a tea bag that will help the pain and the itching to go away. An ice pack or any other kinds of cold compress would also be perfect because it will relieve the pain and itchiness that you are feeling because of herpes.

Avoid Irritating Your Symptoms Further

If you have lesions of herpes, you need to avoid applying cream or any types of ointments that you can buy over the counter. This might irritate the lesion more and can cause more serious outbreaks.

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 Always make sure to consult your doctor before you actually take anything or put anything to your blisters. This will help you to save yourself from taking or using something that won’t do well but harm to you and your herpes virus.

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