Trying to Write About Herpes Cure Research

What a hectic day.

The start of the new week is being stressful to me. I am feeling tired and I think I should take some medicine. I just got a fresh new prescription from my friendly neighborhood health clinic. And I got it for free thanks to my universal health insurance that my government gives me. I know that I will be able to outlast this incoming outbreak once again.

Of course, the really bleak looking weather is doing nothing to cheer me up and it does not help that I am once again reminded of the fact that I have a disease that there is no cure for.

There has to be a cure for a depressing day. What can we do when things are not going right?

I Need A Reason To Hang On

I should treat myself to something special but sorry, now is not the time. Payday is still a little far away. Between fighting for the cure for herpes and the herpes cure, nothing seems to be going right at the moment.

I just want to sleep in my bed and just tuck away with a gallon of ice cream and watch TV all day. Of course, since we want to keep my job indefinitely, I cannot do this and I’ll have to go to work. But today is Monday and it really sucks to be me at the moment. Nobody really enjoys coming to work on a Monday.

But I have so many deadlines that are starting to pile up and I will really need to show up for work soon or else I can kiss my job goodbye. My boss likes me but I do not think that she will wait for me forever.

Maybe I Should Write Something About Herpes

I was thinking of writing sometihng about the current state of herpes cure research. I have been told by this friend of mine from one of the forums that I hang out in that there are some recent developments in the research industry that I might be interested in. But I think I’ll have to get back to this tonight when I get home from work. I just have so many things to clear before I can do any of the things that I would prefer to be doing right now.

At the moment, I just want to find a cure for today and see what I can do to get the most out of today.

I think things will be better tomorrow but what can I do for the next eight hours? I’ll try to keep myself occupied.

Maybe I should go for some treatments forĀ some of the more common herpes symptoms. I know I need them because I am starting to feel the funny tingling sensation on my skin once again.

I’ve been looking at the statistics of the web and things are a little up and down.

I think this is what people call the dance and it is driving me crazy. The information just keeps fluctuating for the herpes cure and cure for herpes info. I hope it stabilises soon and I hope it moves up.

I Just Need To Keep Hanging In There

I have my fingers crossed that in the next month or two, things will tick up even more. It’s slowly doing that as we speak and maybe we can start adding some more info such as herpes treatments or over the counter stuff. I’ll have to figure it all out. But thanks to recent changes in the way search engines work, my site about herpes is currently way down in the rankings and I am hardly getting any visitors in the site.

At the moment I just want to get this day over and done with. I know that when I wake up tomorrow I will feel a lot better. Maybe my outbreak will not come to be. I know that my immune system is really getting stronger against the virus.

I just wish someone can find a way to cure me of this truly awful disease. I could really use a boost. This disease has interrupted my life and wasted enough of my time.


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