Use Marijuana To Treat Cold Sores (Herpes)

Now that I have confirmed this works, I would like to share with you a very easy way to make cold sore medicine that works incredibly well; and it’s made from weed. This medicine has worked so much better for me than any OTC or Rx treatment.
Lastly, I can’t take credit for this I found it on a website while searching google and am simply spreading knowledge.
0.5 grams of the strongest bud you can get
1 oz of strong alcohol (at least 70% and make sure its clear. Supposedly Iso Alcohol works but I’ve only used Devil’s Springs)

Step 1: Fill a container (like an old Rx or glass bottle) with 1 oz of alcohol.
Step 2: Break up the .5g of bud into the jar but make sure its very finely done (may not want to use a grinder in case of losing THC)
Step 3: Leave them in a cool dark place (i use a freezer) for 2-4 weeks, shaking often (every 1-3 days)


Now the next time you feel a blister coming on simply dip a Q-tip into the solution (don’t need much at all) and apply to the area. I dab it on, wait 10 seconds, then dab it again and chuck the Q-tip. Do this 3-4 times a day until the blister is fully gone. This is not a herpes cure!
After using this multiple times and letting someone else try it I can tell you it works incredibly well. Once I apply it, if i keep up with it, the blister will virtually stop and start healing by roughly the next day. No prescription I have ever used can come close to the effectiveness of this. Apparently the THC stops the virus from replicating. The type a bud I used I’d consider headies if compared to medical CA nug (which I didn’t have access to at the time of the experiment). The original experimenter believes this may actually stop the virus from coming back in that same place too. I have not had repeat blisters in the same area since. Please leave feedback as to how this works for you and let everyone know because I know cold sores suck.

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  1. Does this really work because I have a cold sore right now and I have bud . But I don’t want to waste it if it doesn’t work

  2. I read about this and did it with a tincsure made from a vegitable glyceryn and it totally worked for me. I was having non stop outbreaks after I was diagnosed, I started this treatment and since then my HSV2 (genital herpes) has not been a problem at all. Most of the nerve action has gone away as well (meaning any tingles and such aren’t happening at all). I have quite a few areas where I break out, and there hasn’t been a repeat outbreak since. If I feel one coming on, I put some of this on it and it stops it from happening.

    I had an outbreak that I was unprepaired for though, and it got really bad in about 12 hours, it wasn’t so helpful with that I noticed. But I haven’t had a problem since that inceident.

    Worked way better than any perscription. I was only diagnosed a few months ago though so I’ll have to see what happens in the future!

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