Yes I Have Genital Herpes!

It is not that common for many genital herpes victims to admit that they have the infection. A lot of people will really try to hide it from everyone else.Friendship and Herpes

Nobody wants to tell someone else that they have herpes. Telling people that you have got genital herpes is certainly one of the last things that you will want to do!

However, if you are brave enough to admit that you have it, you might still be able to determine your true friends and not.

Getting Herpes Taught Me A Lot About Myself

I can certainly say that my experience of acquiring the genital herpes infection had helped me, beyond a doubt, identify the real people who love me and care for me.

I was once infected by HSV virus but this was never my fault. It was my boyfriend who had infected me with such a disgusting virus. And to think I thought that he was going to be the person that I was going to marry.

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When I first knew about my herpes infection, I was so depressed that I started to keep myself away from people, even my own family who did not hesitate to let me know that they were concerned about my well-being.

It seems like I have no face to show after what had happened to me. I kept mostly to myself and it was not until I came upon this website which gave me more information about herpes that I decided to slowly come out of my shell.

I got to read many testimonials from genital herpes patients on how they have got over this “hump” in their lives.

It was finally then I realized that this disease will not be the end of me. That there is definitely a life that I still have left to live for.

After a while, I was finally able to move on and start to see the positive side of life.

I started to think that in spite of its negative effects on my body, the awkward feeling that I have to bear and the embarrassment that it might cause me, I know there is a good reason why I have to continue living my life.

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You Get To Know Who All Your Real Friends Are

You will have all the chances of knowing who would remain on your side once you decide to start to tell people about your herpes infection. In times of trouble, you would know who will surely stick with you through the good times and the bad.

It’s no joke having herpes. It is really still once of those things that is not acceptable to have in this modern society. It’s a sexually transmitted disease and it comes with it’s own taboos. People tend to quickly judge you once they find out that you have a sexually transmitted disease.

About two or three months after I was first diagnosed, I made the tough decision of telling my friends about the situation that I was dealing with.

Right there and then, I have known the real ones from the not. I know that those really love me will be there no matter what.

Of course, this did not apply to my douchebag of a boyfriend. I broke up with him the moment my doctor told me that I was infected with the virus. There could not have been anyone else who could have given me this disease. I don’t deserve a man like him. He is nothing but a cheater.

This was not an easy thing to do. I was really in love with the man at the time.

Some of my close friends were there to support me. But unfortunately there are some who would say negative things behind your back.

That’s very typical for liars and pretentious people like them. However, my genital herpes infection is seems a blessing and better way to identify the very true people that surrounds you.

Don’t Keep it To Yourself

Take it from my own personal experience. You don’t have to keep it yourself. Given that having the genital herpes infection is your fault, but it will still be great if you can have the right people to support you on the down moments of your life. Then you will know those that will always be there, no matter what happened. Then you can say, thanks to genital herpes!

I guess Lanie is really taking the think positive program to the extreme. She is probably the first person who has written who is actually quite happy to be infected with this disease. I guess she is going overboard with this a little, but I guess everyone copes in their own little way.

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