Back in 2004 – No Herpes?

Back in the day, there really wasn’t much to do. Not much herpes I guess or maybe not many people that have been diagnosed with herpes. Life was so much simpler without the internet because it madeĀ  people more ignorant of the fact that there is a disease without a cure and it’s called herpes. Cure herpes? Nobody realizes how many people actually have this disease. If you knew that there was no cure for it and that one in five adults have it? Would you still go for it? I don’t think so, right? But then, more than the embarassment, I think it gives more people comfort to know that a lot of celebrities are currently living with herpes.
People like Jessica Alba have been rumored to carry the disease, as well as Paris Hilton. Where does the buck stop right? People who are this beautiful tend to go around messing around with other beautiful guys who probably had a lot of partners. At some point in their lives, they would probably catch the disease without them knowing it and then it’s too late. These days with a lot of information, people are always looking for a cure and there are now a lot of blogs out there with a focus on herpes and we don’t know yet what is going to happen next.
People are publishing a lot of new articles at work and at school on the current research that is involved in the field of medicine concerning the herpes simplex virus but we still don’t know what will happen or when there will be a true discovery that will eliminate this horrid condition from our lives forever. I know some people who have it and are still miserable and find it hard to date people unless they join some dating site for people with herpes and even then it’s a tough call. I never imagined I would be maintaining a blog about herpes. Silly huh? I could try to write as fast as I can putting to work all the typing speed that god has given me but the word count still wouldn’t be satisfactory. We need more content. We need more data. Oh lord, what to do?!!?

Have a nice day everyone. It’s the start of the BER months. Stay away from sex and stay away from herpes. Good luck to you all, thank you!

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