Things Have Been Pretty Hectic To Start the Year

If you have been starting to notice about the lack of updates on the site and wondered out loud where we have all gone, we have been pretty busy in the background. We have cleaned up some statistical databases that had grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months and it was really starting to choke our server up. Fortunately we made the necessary adjustments and we think that we have got it all fixed now.

At the same time, we have been busy trying to find good writers to help do our research and do some features on some of the latest developments that have been happening in field of research on the things that concern the herpes virus. We are hoping that with the added help of these three new writers, we will be able to be better cope with this website’s visitor’s information needs as well as also help out with some of our other projects.

The Story So Far

Well we got hit pretty bad with the Google updates. First it was the Panda that bit us and then the Penguin.

What this did for us was hit our revenues hard which meant we had to really cut down on our plans for expanding our information further. Unfortunately, this meant that we were not going to be able to hire all the researchers that we wanted to get so that we can really dig into the data that is out there and get the best information available regarding the disease like the latest news regarding natural herpes treatments.

But lucky for us, we still had some money left that we could afford a new writer who is now helping us work on our other online projects that are not really a part of the herpes genre.

Anyway, so there you have it. Traffic is down substantially and this is really a drain on our morale. We are hoping to get back up even if we do not see a light at the end of the tunnel right now. But we know where we came from so we know what we must do. We really have to get back to work in generating a lot more interest in the site and putting forward a lot of good content.

The forum is still a work in development because we currently lack the resources to fully build it up and promote it to other people. Which means that we are going to be stuck in limbo for a while. We do not even know what will happen to the site or if it will ever recover and go back to the way it was.

So right now it is just blind faith that is driving us forward. We are hoping that with a lot of hard work and a steady stream of content that people enjoy reading, we will be able to recover enough that we will get back into the game. In turn, this will allow us to push our projects forward and maybe we can find a viable business model on our hands.

We Will Carry On Indefinitely

Hopefully, we will be able to build up a community of people that will return to the site over and over again because we can provide them with plenty of information that they are interested in. We are trying to always keep up with the latest news even if this is pretty sparse and we are currently trying to decide whether or not we want to introduce new topics into the site that are remotely related to it.

Anyway, right now, we are just going to plod forward and see where this takes us. If by next year nothing seems to budge then maybe we will give it up. But for now, we really see no reason to stop since times used to be so good and hopefully the community will agree that we give great information regarding this very important topic. Herpes is really something that people care about simply because it affects them and their lives directly even if it is not life-threatening.

So this is where we are at the moment. We are still testing the new community page. We really want to grow a community here so that we can all help one another. Life can only get better. Stay tuned for more!

The How To Cure Herpes team.

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