A More Personal Approach

Normally, we do not take a very personal approach when it comes to this website. We have had other projects where we prefer to interact with people but not for this project. We think that this topic needs to be discussed quite seriously so we like to take a colder stance towards our visitors.

However, lately, we have been thinking of interacting with our website visitors. I know that this will be a very strange and new approach for us because after all, what can we really talk about when it comes to herpes?

People like to suffer in silence and I think this is a topic that is quite taboo for a lot of people. But recently, I attended a small focus group and it turns out that while people prefer to sit in silence when they have a problem, they are really screaming out for help. They want to be heard. They want to have others know what they are feeling. Sure, they feel ashamed, but you need to help them open up.

This is what makes them feel better. And if you really want to help someone, it would be great to give them an ear to talk to. So now, we are going to slowly transition into a more interactive approach. We will have forums and user registration, and whatnot.

Let’s see what happens!

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