Thinking about Genital Herpes and Real Life Treatments

Just a quick word, the summer is getting really how and while we’re all busy waiting for the next great genital herpes treatment, we have to accept that it’s still going to be some time before we get any real final cure to the occassional outbreaks that we all suffer from in life.

But you have to remember that this does not mean that your life is over just because you have been infected with an incurable disease. It will not kill you so learn to get over it and move yourself forward once again.

We’ve been reviewing the latest literature and the science is moving forward very fast and people are finding things every single day. While no final cure or treatment is available, we can still continue to live a normal life. There is hope right?

Of course there is.

Get Back On the Dating Scene

We can still date.

Yes, dating is still an option even when you have an incurable disease. Life is just sweet that way.

People may hate us but that’s not the end of the life. When one in five people have a disease, then the dating scene for people with herpes, even while waiting for a treament is still rich. There are a lot of people out there who can love you for who you are. Don’t lose hope.

There are places on the web that you can visit that caters to that population that need to find other people to date but are hampered because of the simple fact that they are infected with the herpes virus. You can check out our article on various herpes dating websites for a list of some of the dating sites that we currently recommend.

We know for a fact that these services have plenty of very satisfied customers who have found an opportunity to “get back out there” despite being someone that is infected with the herpes virus.

Outbreaks Will Occur Less Frequently

Just to make sure you know what I’m talking about, we’re talking about people for whom genital herpes treatments are not enough. Life sucks for those people because no matter what they do, treatments do not seem to help them prevent outbreaks.

Outbreaks happen and it can be humiliating but when you have no choice and treatments are just not there, the only way save for a cure is that you can keep calm and get your immune system up.

And just to give you some measure of comfort, you will be pleased to know that as your immune system gets used to having this virus, your body will be able to resist the virus more and more. A lot of people who have been infected with HSV-1 for several years report that they have gone for long periods of time without ever having an outbreak of the disease.

In fact, these people have already started to live perfectly normal lives. Sure, they are still sometimes plagued by the occasional outbreak but other than a bad episode maybe once every one or two years, they have almost practically forgotten that they are “sick.”

So if you have just been infected with this virus, don’t lose hope. Your body will learn to adapt to the problem and sooner or later, it will be able to successfully stop outbreaks from happening so often. Just keep yourself healthy and happy. Stay away from stress. And eat the right foods.

Get Back into the Cycle of Life

Get lots of things going for you. Getting sick with this virus does not mean that you have to act like a cripple. Get back on track and try to live life as you should. It’s the only life you may ever have, you know.

Get a good job. Stop getting sidetracked in your career just because you get a little sick once in a while.

Get a life. Start seeing your friends again and start meeting new ones. It’s never a good idea to go out into the world alone.

Get a hobby. Distract yourself with things that ignite your passion. Collect comic books, learn to sail, maybe you can start building some of your own furniture. Figure it out.

Go out.

Travel. See the world.

People will definitely like you if you act normal instead of someone that is continuously freaking out.  No matter how much they care for you, they can only care for you for so long before you have to decide to make a good life for yourself.

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