Herpes Contracted During Circumcision – Newborn Dies


Last September, an infant died in a hospital at Brooklyn after being diagnosed of having herpes because of the

Herpes Infant


circumcision religious ritual, according to the New York Daily News. Unfortunately, this is not the first case that happened to an infant because there are many infants out there who died after contracting the virus. This can be devastating for a lot of mothers since they have carried those infants in their wombs knowing that they will soon die because of this herpes virus. Some people think that the baby can only acquire the virus if their mothers have the disease. But the truth is it is not the only cause because based on the studies and research of medical practitioners there are other causes why infants develop herpes after they are born. One of the most common causes is the circumcision procedure that is being done to infants by certain rituals nowadays.

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Popular Circumcision Ritual Sometimes Causes Herpes

The circumcision ritual which originated from the communities of Jewish became popular due to the number of newborns who have undergone this certain ritual and who have acquired the herpes virus afterwards. Some parents are not fully aware of the dangers that this ritual can give their babies because it can definitely cause herpes to manifest the body of your baby. If you think that herpes is just a virus that cause blisters to the genitals, then you are wrong. It is different from babies who have herpes after they are born because it can definitely be fatal. The reason behind this is because the herpes can act as a serious virus that usually damages the brain of the baby in just a couple of days after contracting the disease.

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Doctors On the Lookout for Herpes Symptoms

Doctors nowadays are always being on the lookout for various herpes symptoms when a new born suddenly develops blisters in the body. Most of the time, these blisters are caused by blankets or clothes that are abrasive. But sometimes, it is caused by herpes virus that is definitely deadly for newborns. In the state of New York, a lot of babies die because of this problem after undergoing a certain ritual circumcision from a mohel. The Jewish community is doing this act because they believe that it is one of the most important events of a person’s life. Therefore, they need to circumcise the baby right after the baby is born. They also believe that it is a spiritual and ancient belief from their elders and they should still be practicing it even during the modern times.

Health Department Investigating

The Health department of New York has conducted an investigation if these cases where just a coincidence or if something is really wrong. They have found out that these babies were circumcised under one mohel only. Every newborn that was circumcised under his hand died because of the same reason which is by contracting the herpes virus. This can be devastating for the parents especially that this kind of routine is included in their religious beliefs. But now, the government of the U.S. is now doing their best to prevent newborns from undergoing circumcision.

These Rituals Should Only Be Done By Professional Health Workers

Some people believe that circumcision is helpful in preventing certain infections to enter the body that is why more and more parents are letting their newborns to undergo a circumcision. The problem occurs when parents rely on certain people to do the circumcision itself, instead of going to a professional just like what these parents did, since they let a mohel circumcise their newborns.

Now, for parents who want to have their babies circumcised then going to a professional is definitely an ideal thing to do. This will help prevent the development of herpes virus to your new born child.

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