Mat Herpes Threatens to Ruin Wrestling Tournament

Ever heard of herpes gladiatorum? It’s basically the same as “normal” herpes in that it is also caused by the herpes simplex virus and the symptoms are also similar. You can expect to also get cold sores from it.

It is called herpes gladiatorum or “mat herpes” because it normally afflicts wrestlers due to the constant skin-to-skin contact that they have in their sport. While it is named differently, it is pretty much the same kind of disease as the usual kind of herpes that is spread via sexual contact.

And now this disease has caused some anxiety at Lake-Lehman High school in Pennsylvania and has shut down the varsity wrestling program there. 

Mat HerpesThis comes after two outbreaks of herpes gladiatorum that has occurred there since the beginning of the year. The second outbreak was found after three wrestlers were infected with the virus. As of now, the school has started to replace the mats that they use for wrestling.

They are also giving their athletes periodic skin checks to make sure that they are virus free.

They have also been barred from any contact drilling to further avoid spreading the virus.
You can find out more about this at the Citizen’s Voice here.

Quick Info: What is Mat Herpes or Herpes Gladiatorum?

Mat herpes is basically the same as your regular herpes. It is also caused by the herpes simplex virus and like other types of infections by this virus, it is transmitted via skin to skin contact.

The symptoms of mat herpes are quite similar which means that this is really basically a herpes infection. It is just named so because of how you can be infected with the disease.

Mat Herpes is Herpes!

So how does mat herpes look like? It will look just like your normal herpes outbreak along with the most common symptoms. Sores will appear, on the average, after eight or nine days after a person is infected with it. For other people, these might take longer to show up.

When the sores and the blisters do appear, it is time to get some help from a medical professional. A doctor will usually prescribe the usual treatments for an HSV infection which means that people who are suffering from the symptoms of the disease will get the usual prescription herpes medication that is prescribed to all other people who have been diagnosed with this viral infection.

Stop the Herpes Infection From Spreading

And in order to avoid creating a small outbreak of this infection among athletes, it is very important that schools and sports associations take measures to make sure that it does not spread further.

Some of the things that  it is highly recommended that all sorts of equipment are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected since it is very easy to spread this virus. This is probably one of the easiest things to do to help prevent the further spread of this disease.

Also, matches or contact drills should be avoided until every single person in the team has been checked for the virus. Administrators of these wrestling programs need to be able to ensure that people will be safe from being infected and they should not resume any sort of contact drills until they are sure that the virus will not spread further.

You can find more information about this disease here: New York State Department of Health: Mat Herpes (warning: includes photographs you may not want to see!)


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