Symptoms of Herpes: Common Ways to Tell If You Might Have It

Okay, so you think you may have picked up something from someone recently? Do you feel something strange going on “down there?” Maybe you should see a doctor because it might be a symptom of something quite serious. Or maybe it could just be nothing and you are simply being very paranoid.

But given the statistical probability that you might get herpes after a random sexual encounter, you might want to know just what exactly are the symptoms for herpes which is actually quite a common disease nowadays. There is no cure for it and about one in five adults are already infected with it.

So here is a quick rundown of the most common signs that might give you a clue as to whether or not you have herpes.

A Tingling Sensation On Your Skin

No it’s not some sort of “Spider Sense”. A strange tingling sensation that is not quite itchy but feels “active” on your skin may be a clue that you have picked up the HSV-1 virus.

This sort of feeling would usually be felt at the area where the virus infected your skin and this also makes it the point of contact where you may also transmit this disease to other people.

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Within a few days, this tingling sensation may turn into an eruption of nasty looking blisters and sores which may cause some discomfort and pain. And so that brings us to the next major sign that you may have the disease…

Blisters and Sores

After that tingling sensation that is felt on the affected area of the skin, this will soon change into blisters and sores that can become very painful. It also makes you someone that can easily transmit this disease to someone else especially if you have just touched that affected area.

So it is important that you wash your hands immediately after touching that part of your skin and try to not come in contact with anyone.

Feverish Feeling

Some people, especially those that are experiencing a herpes outbreak for the first time, may start to feel unwell and develop a fever. This is quite a common symptom of the disease because the body is still trying to cope with the presence of an unwanted virus.

Flu-like symptoms that occur at the beginning of an infection do not last and may soon go away. Some people also feel a little nauseous and may also experience some muscle aches along the way.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

If you know what lymph nodes are, you can go ahead and feel them yourself especially near the groin area in your pelvis. If they are swollen or slightly painful, this may indicate that there is something going on in your genital area and not in a good way. This is because your immune system is working overtime to fight the infection in that area.

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When In Doubt, See a Doctor

Well those are the very basic symptoms of the disease . They might not come all at the same time that is why it is important that you go see a doctor if you think that you may have been infected by something. Some of these symptoms may not manifest until it is too late and you have already transmitted the disease to someone else.

Right now there are two common ways to test for the disease. The blood test will detect the presence of the virus even if you have not exhibited any symptoms at all and this is a good thing because you can get medication early and you might experience less severe outbreaks.

Swabbing the affected area can also find the virus and you will know exactly which part of the body to avoid.

But however which way you choose to get tested, it is important that you see a medical professional to get their help. You will need prescription medication to fight this disease. But rest assured, you will be having this disease for a while.


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